Where can I view or get another copy of the North Carolina Public Adjuster Disclosure?

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What if your Public Adjuster can not get receive an insurance claim payment?     

 If for some reason your insurance company denies your claim and we are unable to overturn the denial an attorney may be needed. Often claims are not paid properly due to bad faith, improper denials, or other policy violations that an attorney may be able to help us overcome. There are certain state statutes, rules, and regulations that the insurance companies must follow during every claim. Our Public Adjusters make sure to line up all paperwork within these and any policy guidelines. Once these issues are overcome by an attorney your Public Adjuster can either assist in negotiations or return to any mediation or appraisal processes at our disposal. If you are not a client but require the service of an attorney please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a few names of someone that can assist you on a no recovery no fee basis. 

How do we get paid?

         We get paid a percentage of the recovery amount for your insurance claim. It is a contingency contract and we don't get paid unless you do. There is NO RECOVERY NO FEE.

How long is the insurance claim process? 

      The insurance claim process varies for every claim. However, the process is fastest when our Public Adjusters are involved from the very beginning. Insurance Claims we need to take over once they are denied generally take the longest. The best answer is 2-6 months from when we are hired regardless of how long the claim has been going prior to our involvement. Insurance companies are suppose to make a decision within 90 days of original reported date per Florida Statutes. Once a decision is made there is no set time so the earlier we get involved the better.

How much more will I receive by hiring a Public Adjuster?

        According to the OPPAGA government study done in 2010 homeowners received 574% higher payments for regular insurance claims & 747% more for catastrophe insurance claims when using a Public Adjuster. While the exact amount is not the same for every insurance claim a link to the government study is here. www.oppaga.state.fl.us/summary.aspx?reportNum=10-06

       Our Company is a Public Adjusting Firm that has helped thousands of property owners recover millions  of dollars in claim payments. A Public Adjuster represents property owners against their insurance company while an insurance adjuster represents insurance companies. Our job is to make sure you are made whole and fully compensated for your insurance claim damages. Unlike the insurance adjuster sent to your home we work for you and we only get paid if we recover money for you. According to a Florida government study, available in our FAQ/Links area, claimants that hired a Public Adjuster received between 574-747% more than those that did not hire a Public Adjuster.  

       If you have a new claim, denied claim, or underpaid insurance claim we can help. We provide a no cost no obligation in home inspection. Call us today to speak with a Public Adjuster or to set up a free inspection. You would not have the IRS adjust your taxes. Don't let the insurance company adjust your insurance claim. Call us today.

Will my insurance company raise my rates for having an insurance claim?

While there is no definitive yes or no to this answer as each carrier, insurance claim, and situation is different the best answer is that this is possible. The insurance company can raise your rate for non catastrophe claims but often the increase in rate will take years to recoup the claim payment. If a claim is $10,000 and your insurance increases $500 it will take 20 years for the insurance company to recover the money and insurance claims typically stay on your record 3 years. 

Where can I check to make sure a Public Adjuster is licensed?

Loss consultants working for Attorney's are not Public Adjusters. To check a Florida Public Adjuster's license status visit www.myfloridacfo.com/agents and click on licensee search. For other states you can visitwww.NIPR.com.

Are your Public Adjusters only in Florida?

       No. Some of our Public Adjuster are also licensed in New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, & South Carolina. We can also assist or refer you in most other states.

How long does the free inspection take your Public Adjuster?     

 This varies based on the size and type of the loss. A typical small water damage claim will take about 30-45 minutes. Large water claim, Hurricane, Flood, or Fire claims can take longer.

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