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Why hire us & the importance of not waiting

       Our Company is a Public Adjusting Firm that has helped thousands of property owners recover millions  of dollars in claim payments. A Public Adjuster represents property owners against their insurance company while an insurance adjuster represents insurance companies. Our job is to make sure you are made whole and fully compensated for your insurance claim damages. Unlike the insurance adjuster sent to your home we work for you and we only get paid if we recover money for you. According to a Florida government study, available in our FAQ/Links area, claimants that hired a Public Adjuster received between 574-747% more than those that did not hire a Public Adjuster.  

       If you have a new claim, denied claim, or underpaid insurance claim we can help. We provide a no cost no obligation in home inspection. Call us today to speak with a Public Adjuster or to set up a free inspection. You would not have the IRS adjust your taxes. Don't let the insurance company adjust your insurance claim. Call us today.


Flood claims are very frustrating as any federal government program is that has many frustrating quirks that we can help navigate. Our adjusters have successfully assisted hundreds of property owners with flood claims related to Wilma, Katrina, Irene, Diane, Sandy, Hermine, Irma, & Matthew. Flood claims are very specific and require experience. Here are a few key issues with Flood. 

  • Pre-Firm vs Post-Firm, Elevated or Non Elevated, or Gradfathered/non classifications heavily determine your claim payment. This refers to the last time major construction was made to the home. The key date is Decemeber 31, 1974. Whether you are before or after this date and your classification determines how much and what parts of the home are covered. 

  • Post Firm does not mean no coverage. Just less coverage for the first on elevated floor.

  • Detached garages are often stated as not covered but are covered up to 10% the Dwelling.

  • During Hurricane Sandy many property owners were told the damages to their structure were not covered as they were pre-existing. This was proved to be wrong & should always be questioned. Rampant fraud was found in the methods flood carriers used to prevent proper payments to damaged properties. Here is a link to the 60 minutes video.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM0zRJ4hMrQ

  • Flood claims must have the full notarized full demand submitted in the first 60 days called a proof of loss. They need to be done right from the beginning. Sometimes during a catastrophic event  they will extend the 60 day deadline. For Irma & Sandy it was extended.

  • Flood supplements are very difficult. First they typically require any work they paid for performed. They dissect every invoice & require that contractors invoices be broken down room by room for every item  (drywall, baseboard, paint, casing, flooring, subfloor, blinds, doors, outlets, insulation, crown, cabinets, etc...) into material cost, labor cost & amount of material per item. Once this is complete then any unfinished repairs must be estimated the same way. This is what our software Xactimate does. It is easier to hire us early then to ask your contractor to break his estimate up into 15-20 detailed pages when he was already paid and you are in a dispute with your insurance company.

  • Matching of cabinets or other areas is not covered. Only damage up to the flood line. 

  • Mold & Mold remediation is NOT COVERED in a flood policy. Most water damage clean up costs are not either and CAN NOT be direct billed. You must have someone with Flood claim experience in this field and we can help.
  • Time --- Time is of the essence for a flood claim. You typically have 60 days to submit your official demand of all damage called a proof of loss. During catasrophes the time can be extended. Once payments are made or estimates are determined in flood claims it is extremely difficult to get more money.... See why >>>>>

  • Getting it right the first time --- Since supplemental claims are so difficult this is the most important aspect of a flood claim

  • Proper Estimates --- Flood claims must be done line by line, room by room, material by material, in specific quantity, and broken down for labor and materials. A typical contractor estimate and most in depth will not be accepted. They must use insurance software.

  • ​Overall settlement --- knowledgeable Public Adjusters are able to get hire settlements because of experience & we are able to spend more time with our clients. Most flood adjusters inspect 8-15 claims a day at 30 minutes each. Sometimes more and sometimes less. We spend 1-2 hours documenting damages

  • Believe it or not --- When a home is gutted many people forget much of what they had in their home. For example, baseboard size, which rooms had 3/4 round or chair rail, paint types, or texture on the walls or ceiling, contents in a room, cabinet locations, and much more. This diminishes the amounts of claims due to human error. It is best to go over the home when it is not torn out or fresh in your mind. Not months later.

  • Coverage knowledge --- Flood claims are very specific. There are some nuances that newer adjusters are unaware of like when outdoor decks and stairways are covered. However, most items outside the footprint of the home are not covered. Knowing the difference between pre-firm and post-firm, elevations, & grandfathering makes all the difference in payment and knowing how to fight improper classifications.

  • Experience --- Flood is absolutely essential to hire an experienced Public Adjuster in flood claims. Not all Public Adjuster have flood claim experience. We have worked hundreds of flood claims for numerous catastrophic events like Hurricane's Katrina, Sandy, Matthew, Irma, and other flood events. It is also important  to know that during most catastrophe's insurance companies hire many new employees whom have never worked a claim before. 


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