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       Our Company is a Public Adjusting Firm that has helped thousands of property owners recover millions  of dollars in claim payments. A Public Adjuster represents property owners against their insurance company while an insurance adjuster represents insurance companies. Our job is to make sure you are made whole and fully compensated for your insurance claim damages. Unlike the insurance adjuster sent to your home we work for you and we only get paid if we recover money for you. According to a Florida government study, available in our FAQ/Links area, claimants that hired a Public Adjuster received between 574-747% more than those that did not hire a Public Adjuster.  

       If you have a new claim, denied claim, or underpaid insurance claim we can help. We provide a no cost no obligation in home inspection. Call us today to speak with a Public Adjuster or to set up a free inspection. You would not have the IRS adjust your taxes. Don't let the insurance company adjust your insurance claim. Call us today.


A Hidden Cost & Damage Nightmare

 Water Damage insurance claims are typically the most common and underestimated claims due to an insurance adjusters inexperience with water damage, damage behind surfaces, & the potential for mold. The majority of our claims that are not from Hurricanes are water damage claims. Our company specializes in assisting homeowners navigate water claims to make sure proper



      In Florida it is highly likely that a homeowner will end up with mold at some point. Especially if an water leaks occur.  It is important to know that mold is not covered unless the underlying issue is covered. Calling a claim in for Mold often leads to a denied mold claim. Most homeowners are unaware of the proper way to request mold coverage and it is the most common way we run into improper insurance claim denials we assist property owners with.

     Mold claims are typically limited to $5,000 or $10,000 but can cost much more. It is very important to have someone review your coverage before performing mold remediation or placing a mold claim.

      Most good insurance agents will automatically add a $10,000 of mold coverage to your policy when quoting you but some do not. You can alter the coverage to $25,000 or $50,000 in many cases. We recommend having at least $25,000. 

   If you have mold call us today and one of our Public Adjusters will set up a free inspection to see if we can help you. Not all mold claims are covered. It is important to take advantage of our free inspection and consultation before spending thousands on mold remediation and repairs. We call also advise if we believe your claim would be covered before adding a mold claim to your policy claim record. If mold is present and covered we can recommend a Mold Remediation company that will bill your insurance company directly for your mold insurance claim.  

 payments are made. Most insurance companies try to minimize water claim payments & will not advise homeowners or the potential of hidden damages. Adjusters for insurance companies typically look at what you show them or discuss with them. Our Public Adjusters thoroughly inspect & make sure all coverages are discussed. 

      In the pictures above, the one labeled 'broken pipe behind wall' is from a homeowner that had water on their bedroom floor. They would clean it up and it slowly came back for 3 days. The were unaware how the water arrived and initially assumed it was a spill of the sink or shower/bath. After 3 days they called their agent to place a claim because they were worried there was a leak somewhere. Their agent informed them that water on a bathroom tile floor would not  be covered because it was probably from rain or the shower. The agent & insurance did not inspect or advise the insured to have it inspected.


     A friend referred them to a Public Adjuster from our company. We utilized a water meter to search areas of the home for water damage sources. Our Public Adjuster found an area in the bathroom behind the vanity with highly elevated levels of water indicative of a broken pipe. Upon determining the location, we advised the insured to hire a water restoration company or plumber to cap the leak. Upon opening the wall it was evident that the 3 days of water damage had caused mold behind the cabinets. The water was trapped behind the cabinets and ran under the tile, to the other side of the next room, and through broken grout back to the floor.  In this case it took 3 days to locate the water damage leak and the mold removal costs themselves exceeded the homeowners $2500 deductible. The insurance claim our Public adjuster settled was $29,311.04.


       Many times a water damage leak will occur under a sink, from an A/C unit, from a water heater, a shower pan, or another source and the property owner will simply clean the water from the floor or surface and assume the water damage has been prevented as well as any mold. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. If any water is trapped inside the walls, below the floors, or behind the cabinets the water damage can turn into mold very quickly as it has no way to dry out. In most cases water needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible by a professional with industrial grade fans and dehumidifiers like the ones in the pictures above or mold will grow. The walls need to be opened and the water needs to be extracted to prevent mold. Without proper water damage restoration the water damage becomes much more expensive as mold removal is much more expensive.

      If you have water damage call our Public Adjusters today. Hiring a Public Adjuster will help to make sure all costs of your insurance claim both hidden and known are covered. If you have water damage, Don't think twice call Trouble in Paradise.

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