• Our Public Adjusters keep up with industry news, law changes, & trends to better assist property owners. If you want some current changes and information you can visit The Property Insurance Law Blog.
  • Our Public Adjusters work with other professionals you may need for your claim like engineers, remediation companies, mold testing companies, roof experts, and many other trades. We know the proper people whom write their reports for insurance companies very often. Insurance companies hire experts and you should to. 
  • Our Public Adjusters have experience with Catastropeh claims like Ike, Irma, Wilma, Katrina, Sandy, Matthew, Florence, & More
  • Public Adjusters are trained in damage assessment & costs of items. If we are presented with an onsite cost discussion we are aware of all costs related to each item and can properly engage in immediate cost discussions. Most insureds do not know all the costs of a new bathroom and the individual items.
  • Our Public Adjusters have Flood experience. Most do not.

Why Hire Trouble in Paradise?

  • We provide a free inspection. Details to the left of here.
  • Our Public Adjusters utilize Xactimate estimating software. Xactimate polls & averages contractors rates from different zip codes & tracks data to determine the average cost of each item associated with repairs. Not all Public Adjusters use this software due to the expense but our Public Adjusters use it maximize claim settlements.
  • Sometimes you do not know if something is a claim or not and we can help with this.
  • Our Public Adjusters are licensed and must pass a test as well as completely continuing education requirements to make sure we can properly assist our insureds.
  • Our Public Adjusters have extensive experience in insurance policy language, your insurance claim duties, coverage types, and interpretations.
  • Our Public Adjusters work through the insurance claim process every day and can anticipate the needs of the insurance company to prevent a denial and to move a claim faster.
  • Insurance claim damage payments have certain standards & rules the typical homeowner is unaware of like matching rules, continuous damage rules, law & ordinance or code upgrades, product changes, and other governing processes. We due continuing education to always know what is happening in the industry.
Our Public Adjusting company is experienced in handling catastrophe and non catastrophe insurance claims. Our Public Adjusters have settled thousands of insurance claims resulting from the different types of daily and catastrophe insurance claim types listed below. We handle denied, underpaid, or brand new insurance claims. On a daily basis we have advocated for Florida insureds against insurance companies for water, fire, mold, and many other types of insurance claims listed below. We have also settled insurance claims resulting from Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Wilma, Irene, Sandy, as well as many tropical storms. We utilize the same industry leading Xactimate software that the major insurance companies and their insurance adjuster will use allowing for faster, higher, and more proper settlements to make our homeowners whole. More reasons to hire us or a Public Adjuster are....

Free Inspection

Our company will send a Public Adjuster to your home for a free damage inspection. The Public Adjuster will scope, sketch, measure, and document the damage to your home. If it is determined that you have a covered insurance claim the Public Adjuster will go over the full details of your insurance claim. Once contracted we will write an estimate using the top industry software Xactimate. Utilizing Xactimate and our physical inspection we will create an estimate incorporating all local Laws & Ordinances, Code upgrades, matching rules, and continuation rules as well as any other allowed coverages the typical homeowner is not aware of.

       Our Company is a Public Adjusting Firm that has helped thousands of property owners recover millions  of dollars in claim payments. A Public Adjuster represents property owners against their insurance company while an insurance adjuster represents insurance companies. Our job is to make sure you are made whole and fully compensated for your insurance claim damages. Unlike the insurance adjuster sent to your home we work for you and we only get paid if we recover money for you. According to a Florida government study, available in our FAQ/Links area, claimants that hired a Public Adjuster received between 574-747% more than those that did not hire a Public Adjuster.  

       If you have a new claim, denied claim, or underpaid insurance claim we can help. We provide a no cost no obligation in home inspection. Call us today to speak with a Public Adjuster or to set up a free inspection. You would not have the IRS adjust your taxes. Don't let the insurance company adjust your insurance claim. Call us today.

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