Fire Claims

If your home or business has been damaged by fire, it is critical for both you and your Public Adjuster to act quickly to ensure that the claim is handled properly.

Fires have the ability to destroy everything you’ve worked your whole life for, from your home to your personal belongings, including irreplaceable objects, in a matter of minutes. But even when a fire doesn’t destroy the entire structure of your home or commercial building, the damages sustained may very well extend far beyond the immediate area of the fire, whether due to smoke damage from the fire or water damage from the firefighters who are doing their job.

For residential fire claims especially, it is important that you create a contents inventory if one doesn’t already exist—as soon as possible after the fire. Preparing a thorough and accurate contents inventory list from scratch after a fire, however, may be extremely difficult or impossible when your home or business and everything in it is damaged beyond recognition. Regardless, the insurance company and the assigned Adjuster will require that you provide such a list, including estimated values, while also requesting proof of purchase (e.g., receipts, etc.).

Fire claims for which the insured property may be salvaged or repaired still must be adjusted properly. Accordingly, it is important that the carrier or Adjuster assigned by the insurance company utilizes the appropriate experts, including in part, fire causation experts, certified industrial hygienists or other water damage experts, etc. Failure to do so may cause your insurance company to not address significant areas of damage to your property.

If you have fire damage call our Public Adjusters today. Hiring a Public Adjuster will help to make sure all costs of your insurance claim both hidden and known are covered.

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