Water Claims

Water Damage insurance claims are typically the most common and underestimated claims due to an insurance adjusters inexperience with water damage, damage behind surfaces, & the potential for mold. The majority of our claims that are not from Hurricanes are water damage claims.

Our company specializes in assisting homeowners navigate water claims to make sure proper payments are made. Most insurance companies try to minimize water claim payments & will not advise homeowners or the potential of hidden damages. Adjusters for insurance companies typically look at what you show them or discuss with them. Our Public Adjusters thoroughly inspect & make sure all coverages are discussed.

Many times a water damage leak will occur under a sink, from an A/C unit, from a water heater, a shower pan, or another source and the property owner will simply clean the water from the floor or surface and assume the water damage has been prevented as well as any mold. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. If any water is trapped inside the walls, below the floors, or behind the cabinets the water damage can turn into mold very quickly as it has no way to dry out. In most cases water needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible by a professional with industrial grade fans and dehumidifiers or mold will grow. The walls need to be opened and the water needs to be extracted to prevent mold. Without proper water damage restoration the water damage becomes much more expensive as mold removal is much more expensive.

If you have water damage call our Public Adjusters today. Hiring a Public Adjuster will help to make sure all costs of your insurance claim both hidden and known are covered.

If you have water damage, don't think twice call Trouble in Paradise.

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