Wind / Hurricane Claims

Hurricane claims are not new to Florida. However, since the last major storm made landfall a number of changes have occurred.

We have experience in numerous Hurricane storms and years of experience handling them all over Florida and in other states. On average, we can get you 747% more of a claim payout versus what an individual without a public adjuster would get.

Below is some important information:

  • You have 3 years to open or reopen Hurricane wind claims in the state of Florida.
  • Every company handles these claims differently. The state statutes, state construction ordinances, and state rules are the same but local rules and ordinances can change and are covered in policies under law and ordinance coverage. Our team is well experienced with Florida law.
  • The insurance companies have 90 days to make a decision. Whether it is correct or incorrect.
  • Local law & ordinance coverage often applies to these claims and create additional coverage payments for damages. Especially to Roofs and Windows.
  • There are many different types of policies. They are not all created equal or the same. An HO6 applies to condos and possibly townhomes while an HO3 or HO8 applies to single family and some townhomes but are extremely different policies. DP1 & DP3 investor policies are different as well and many of these policies handle mold, water, loss of use, contents, and other coverage categories differently. It is very important to have a Public Adjuster on your side to make sure your claim is handled properly and all coverage is afforded.
  • There are many statutes that govern how claims are paid like condo association walls in walls out rule requirements, matching, time limits, homeowner bill of rights, and other information.
  • Most roof damage cannot be accessed from ground level. Often shingles or tiles are lifted but do not fly off. Sometimes debris is caught under shingles preventing adhesion or tiles have been displaced and compromised. You should have your roof inspected after a Hurricane passes even if it looks ok from ground level. As it is no longer rainy season most property owners do not discover the extent of damages until a heavy rain or rainier seasons.
  • Business interruption, lost rental income, alternative costs of living, and living expense coverage may apply to these claims.
  • You are allowed and suppose to make temporary or emergency repairs like a tarp to the roof. This can be sent in the the insurance company for reimbursement.
  • There are multiple appeal processes such as mediation, appraisal (your Public Adjuster vs their adjuster with a judge called an umpire if needed), and civil remedies or lawsuits if this is unfortunately needed.

If you have wind damage of any kind call our Public Adjusters today. Hiring a Public Adjuster will help to make sure all costs of your insurance claim both hidden and known are covered.

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